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Thanksgiving 2017

I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving! I’ve really been challenged this fall with many obstacles. I’ve been held back from being as active as I want to be. So I wanted to make sure I had a productive Thanksgiving rather than a lethargic, lazy, stuffed with food holiday. I signed myself up for a short 10k race Thanksgiving morning. It doesn’t really compare to the marathons I conquered in the recent past, or the body building competitions I placed in previously, but it’s a start for me getting back in touch with my love for a vigorous, challenging fitness regime. I woke up at 3am Thanksgiving morning with tremendous pain in my stomach. I’ve had this pain all week and at 3am, it was raging at it’s worst. I figured I could lay in bed, miserable, not able to sleep and forced to focus on the pain or I could get up and get dressed and distract myself from the pain in my body. I told myself: even if I just walk the entire course: it’s OK. And I did walk most of it! I was UNCOMFORTABLE the entire course. I ran some, then the pain reared up and I walked more. I ran into some friends from the running group I participated in last year called the L.A. Running Club. It was a very nice surprise, as I assumed I’d be completing the race alone. Well, I did end up running alone, but we all met up again at the finish line. We gave hugs of congratulations and took very proud selfies! I’ve included some photos from my successful race day. Even though I had severe discomfort the entire time, I am very glad I showed up. I was reunited with friends, I received a medal, I am officially back in the game of fitness after recovering from a rib injury, and it was an exceptionally beautiful day to be outside. I enjoyed a nice dinner and a great movie with a friend. I assume my terrible stomach pains are from more bad news I received last week. But by this morning the pain finally subsided. I hope you all were able to make your Thanksgiving holiday tailored to your joys and pleasures. Thanksgiving does not have to be spent with family, it does not have to involve turkey, or football, or pumpkin pie, or children, or old people (unless your old!) You don’t have to announce what you are grateful for, out loud, in front of a full table of people. It really isn’t mandatory that all Thanksgivings look like what we see on TV. Movies and television are not real life. (Neither is porn.) It becomes hard to remember that when the media thrusts an idea at us of the holidays looking and feeling a particular way. When we see these contrived images the media creates and we realize that’s not what our life looks like, we feel like something is missing. What we celebrate on Thanksgiving I simply think should be celebrated everyday: Being grateful for even the smallest gift. The tiniest grace. Even when the irony of life occurs, everything is going to shit, for years, but just this week, maybe someone didn’t steal your parking spot this time, maybe someone held a door open for you instead of walking away in their own hurried stress, maybe this time when you ordered food and it was late, you got your meal free, maybe you found a piece of paper on your car that said “have a beautiful day” instead of an ad that essentially is trash that says “buy my shit.” When life is at it’s worst, it’s still good to be thankful for even your pinky toe. If you have one? Being grateful for even just the smallest thing, does make the pain of life ever so slightly less. Any relief is worth it. I highly encourage you and I invite you to be thankful for something every single day. Maybe the neighbor’s dog didn’t shit in your yard once yesterday? Being silently grateful, privately inside your quiet little heart is ok too.