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Hey guys, girls, friends, long time fans and new ones! If you’re reading this blog and have not noticed the many promotional advertisements for joining my bad ass redesigned site, recreated especially for your kinky desires and navigational ease, well….let me inform you right now!

When you become a 3 month member of my website you will get 1 free DVD that you may choose from over a 156 titles! When you become a 6 month member of my website you can choose any 2 DVD titles that you want! Here is a link to the list of my current available DVD titles HERE.

I still carry many DVD titles in “store cases” and I am happy to ship these out to you personally! If you would like your DVD autographed by me, please email me here:

You may be a collector who prefers to keep his/her DVD covers intact and without signatures and I can also appreciate that too! If you are new to BDSM, bondage, and the skill of tying rope safely, I highly encourage you to check out my 2 instructional DVD’s: “How to Tie Your Female Partner” and “How to Tie Your Male Partner”


In each of these videos, I talk in depth about how to use rope as a sensual restraint safely. I also give tips on communication, eye contact, body awareness by both the “top” and the “bottom”, foreplay, sensation play, bondage positions that can eventually lead to hot sex or sadistic denial! I also give very important tips and information about safety which everyone should be extremely aware of.

I have other kinky, fetish, BDSM, FEMDOM styled video productions available for you to enjoy as well.

Here are a few more examples here: 

Please keep in mind, all 156 DVD titles in my inventory are not all delivered in “store case” fashion.

The DVD’s shown in this blog are available in store cases, with or without an autograph. You are welcome to choose any movie title of your choice from my DVD library that may include your favorite obscure fetish genres. Please understand, some specific, obscure fetish genres were not available for me to replicate due to general regulations. You may request any of them through me directly with purchase of a membership. Also please keep in mind that the more “specific” and “highly detailed” fetish genre movies you request, may not arrive in a store case. They may instead arrive in a jewel case depending on the title you choose. The very important point is: the FULL, ENTIRE edited, chaptered movie will be delivered to you just like all the rest, but it may lack an official “store case.” The best part is anything you choose whether in a “store case” or “jewel case” it’s FREE! Just for YOU! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly:

Enjoy the “Spring into Jewell” sale now! While it lasts!