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Stay Silky

I’ve really struggled with addiction My entire life. As you mature, you begin to notice your addiction showing up in different forms. I’m not sure if I have shared with you My secret, insane, uncontrollable addiction to expensive tights, nylons, stockings, and all hosiery in general, but it’s REAL! One day in the future, I will revisit this addiction, and we’ll see if I have achieved any recovery?? Hahaha! I will dump and spread out My multiple drawers of nylons of the floor and immerse My voluptuous body in a sea of the most expensive hosiery (My addiction can afford) and take photos to share with you. Clear evidence that I may need to consult a “Hosiery Advisor” in the area of hopeless addiction! I even LOVE to sleep in My hosiery! What a sexy, erotic feeling to have all night long. Even when your legs accidentally rub together, it’s like a free wet dream! Ummmmmmm! Fuck yeah….Now I’m turned on- I think it’s time to undress Myself and slip into a pair of silkies while I ease into the beginning of Our/our weekend together…..mmmmmmmm

Here are a few sexy pix of Me making wet spots in My very favorite hosiery manufacturers such as: Wolford, La Pearla, and Agent Provocateur 

Feel free to spoil Me! ATTENTION: My birthday is near……!!! (April 12th!)


A special thanks to Andrew C. and Nico Rice for indulging Me in My secret irresistible temptations in hosiery! I love, love, LOVE you guys!