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“Sisterhood of Superheroines”

This week it was my honor and sincere pleasure to work with comic book artist George Perez on his continuing series: “Sisterhood of Superheroines.”I performed and dressed as my character “Prism” who yields the power of light. George Perez designed my costume 16 years ago. I have taken good care of it, and luckily, it still fits! Hahaha! I am the cousin of “Daisy Chain” played by the sexy blonde, Stacy Burke. Who doesn’t love putting on high heel boots and a cape and saving the world with her favorite model girlfriends?? I will name a few of the other sexy, amazing model/wrestlers that are included in the series incase they are your favorite too: Tylene Buck, Diana Knight, Akira Lane, Christina Carter, Ariel X, Sahara Huxely, Angela Sommers, Kimberly Jane, Stacy Burke, and Me! We all have different powers and come together as a team called “The Sisterhood” so we can save the world together in very skimpy, colorful costumes and boots! If you love cosplay, George Perez, or any of the models I mentioned, you can find us all performing magical, superheroine moves at

We shot installment 2 earlier this week, and there will be more to come! So visit to see all of us gorgeous ladies of wrestling in action! I can’t wait for the next shoot! I heard a rumor, that my cousin (Stacy Burke) and myself may get an upgrade in costumes since we are the legends of the George Perez superheroine wrestling saga. Our costumes are old, but matching, but just a little worn out. Stay tuned to see action, special effects, battles of good and evil, and victory for all mankind!

Here are a few sample photos I’d like to share with you from our shoot this week.

Sahara Huxely, Jewell Marceau, Stacy Burke, George Perez, Kimberly Jane and Angela Sommers

   Sahara Huxely & Stacy Burke