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I feel very privileged to have lived half my life in Southern California. I was actually born on the east coast. I lived the other half of my life in Virginia Beach, VA. It is not the same. NO COMPARISON! While I have always lived near an ocean, nothing compares to the breath taking natural beauty SoCal has to offer. Going back home for a visit, interests me the least! Since 2015, I have really stepped up my fitness goals and weekly adventures. SoCal lends itself to health and fitness in so many ways, I have finally reached the time in my life where I am seriously taking advantage of it! I bought a home in the high desert of California and I lived there for 5 years. It snows up there! I never learned to snow ski unfortunately. I really do not enjoy being cold. I have always enjoyed hiking though. I have now built a foundation of muscle that will allow me to go even further with my hiking goals. I’m climbing larger mountains, hiking for longer durations, and I’ve invested in proper hiking shoes for safety. I’ve hiked as much as 10 miles with my aerobics instructor! Check out our times below! The views I get to enjoy once I reach the tippy top summit of a mountain is jaw dropping! Sometimes there is a heavy blanket of fog throughout the mountains. Once I reach the top, I can actually look down onto the fog and see clearly from high stance. Some days are crystal clear blue skies, and some days are cloudy. And whoa….those sunsets will knock your socks off! Sometimes, I see snakes, dear, coyotes, very cute pet dogs, and a lot of friendly people. Sadly today it is raining. I will not get to hike until the ground dries. Hiking helps make my glute and leg muscles look strong and defined. I love it! I also have fun hiking with friends! Here are a few photos I’d like to share with you of some of my recent hiking adventures. Can you find the photo of me and my colleague and friend Anastasia Pierce? I’ll give you a hint? We are hiking the Hollywood sign trail on the way to the “Bat Caves!”

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Real Talk


The international collective group of us whose long term life career has been adult video content production also have real lives. We also have bills to pay, families to feed, health conditions that need care.

When you watch the porn we worked so hard to create, putting in our own time, money, and efforts, for free it’s like you’re stealing money right out of our bank accounts. If you watch free porn online, please give thought to this. Please stop. The adult industry is an increasingly struggling industry. Performers are not getting rich doing this! Would you want others stealing what you worked so hard to create?? Stealing your art? Stealing your ideas? Stealing your products? Robbing your business blind?

Recently I’ve had conversations that have really shocked me and opened my eyes to how the newer, younger generations think. After hearing a few different scenarios about these young people watching free porn on tube sites, I began to realize that many of them do not realize what they are doing is even wrong. They have no idea that their choice takes away from the livelihood of many professionals (like myself) who sole full time job has been adult video production for 20 years or more.

The FREE porn these people are watching is STOLEN from producers like ME. It is NOT LEGALLY posted content!!

If you’ve read this and have one more free moment please share this info publically to hopefully reach those who may not realize how much damage and stress their free, pirated adult video watching causes.

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Happy Anniversary!

I would like to wish a most Happy Anniversary in 2 short clips! Join me in celebrating the long standing success of and all the fantastic entertainment they have provided the fetish community this last decade! Then visit my 2 stores:

“All That is Bondage & Fetish”- store number 5858

“All That is FemDom” – store number 28236


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Creating a Latex Vintage Gown

I do love an elegant, striking, sophisticated, sexy, yet very feminine gown! Hollywood female stars wear high end designer gowns at important premiers and events. I am inspired by these amazing displays of fashion! Particularly old Hollywood vintage styles. My idea is to transform one of these designs into a breath taking latex gown. I began a project with a latex designer last year, but the project fell through unfortunately. I think some of the styles I have posted here would translate very well into a latex gown. What do you think? Any fashion critics, or designers out there? Would you like to dress me in a latex gown of your choice? Let me know your thoughts! Perhaps we can collaborate on making the sexiest most elegant gown for me to wear at the next Fetish Gala! And perhaps you’d like to escort me?



Here are 2 links to latex designers I find extraordinarily talented and capable of creating a latex gown tailored to fit my curves and created to make an unforgettable impression! Click below to browse beautiful ladies in sexy rubber dresses!

Jane Doe Latex

Baby Loves Latex

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For those of you who know me well, you’ll certainly be aware of the physical challenges I’ve been experiencing. They have honestly seemed to be occurring in succession of each other for many, many months! While I am immensely grateful I am not suffering from a deteriorating illness, broken bones, or invasive surgery procedures, my preference would be to skip all this crap! But that’s not how life works, and that’s not what’s real, so I continue to be on the mend! We last saw me with dislocated rib, then flu, with eye infections coming and going in between. Right knee screaming occasionally. That’s ok. Right knee is sufficiently gagged with healing! Left ankle is now shouting at me through a megaphone and is requiring ice regularly, as well as a much slower walking pace. Forget running for now. All these debilitating events alter a person’s mood and mental state. This has also required healing so as to not default to comfort eating taking the form of a false bandaid.

Aaaaaaannnnnddddd then….last week before I had to board my early morning flight, accidentally locked myself out of my apartment at 5am. I was locked in my own parking garage just shortly before my flight. I began to worry. A LOT! Perhaps I could have missed my flight, stressfully rebooked, and arrived much later. (Because missing a flight and rebooking is never “stress-less.!” I put forth as much effort as my tired, 2 hours of sleep, body and mind could exert to find a solution. Ultimately, after recently shooting with famous comic book artist George Perez, I still retained the residual response to the situation as being fully capable to conquer it now. In lieu of accepting defeat, I made the evaluation that I had the what it took to vault the rusty, tall, dirty, spike tipped iron security gates. In full force super heroine mind set I jumped high and hoisted my entire body to very top horizontal bar. I viewed the ground I needed to land on beyond the rusty gate. I said to myself: PLEASEEEEEE just don’t break any bones! Being shoeless on one foot (in order to prop open garage with other shoe just incase of total lock out) I throw right leg over, caught my legging, cut my bum! Made it half way- Flight to catch. Ok: It’s a “Mission Impossible” maneuver, left leg is thrown over and left cheek is cut slightly less worse than the first. Right hand is cut. More cuts and bruises found later because of sheer exhaustion and loss of memory. My feet hit the ground. I landed safely, Victorious! I made my flight, got to my gate, peed, got water, boarded. I had just the perfect amount of time, to fit in one big disaster just before my flight. 

Plus my ankle injury, and an invisible neck injury not shown, here are some photos from an accumulation of disasters.





Just so everyone feels better, including myself, I must end with this very cheerful and most inspirational boob photo. Here’s looking at the bright side……

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Dungeon Whore

This week I received a new bondage slut, to my line up of quivering slaves who bid for my attention and expertise. I truly enjoy taking away your freedom, manipulating your gutter mind, and training you to serve me. You will execute any task I present to you with genuine desire to please. Manual labor, solitude, restraint, denial, punishment, and sexual perversions are all activities required of you, should you find the will power it takes to enter my dungeon on your knees. Here are a few anonymous images I’d like to share with you of my new bondage bitch. Oh, how I love to rope up a slutty, CD whore!

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“Sisterhood of Superheroines”

This week it was my honor and sincere pleasure to work with comic book artist George Perez on his continuing series: “Sisterhood of Superheroines.”I performed and dressed as my character “Prism” who yields the power of light. George Perez designed my costume 16 years ago. I have taken good care of it, and luckily, it still fits! Hahaha! I am the cousin of “Daisy Chain” played by the sexy blonde, Stacy Burke. Who doesn’t love putting on high heel boots and a cape and saving the world with her favorite model girlfriends?? I will name a few of the other sexy, amazing model/wrestlers that are included in the series incase they are your favorite too: Tylene Buck, Diana Knight, Akira Lane, Christina Carter, Ariel X, Sahara Huxely, Angela Sommers, Kimberly Jane, Stacy Burke, and Me! We all have different powers and come together as a team called “The Sisterhood” so we can save the world together in very skimpy, colorful costumes and boots! If you love cosplay, George Perez, or any of the models I mentioned, you can find us all performing magical, superheroine moves at

We shot installment 2 earlier this week, and there will be more to come! So visit to see all of us gorgeous ladies of wrestling in action! I can’t wait for the next shoot! I heard a rumor, that my cousin (Stacy Burke) and myself may get an upgrade in costumes since we are the legends of the George Perez superheroine wrestling saga. Our costumes are old, but matching, but just a little worn out. Stay tuned to see action, special effects, battles of good and evil, and victory for all mankind!

Here are a few sample photos I’d like to share with you from our shoot this week.

Sahara Huxely, Jewell Marceau, Stacy Burke, George Perez, Kimberly Jane and Angela Sommers

   Sahara Huxely & Stacy Burke

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A Message To Very Important People

I would like to send a genuine, heart felt thank you & extension of sincere gratitude to the customers, fans, & friends who recently sent me many useful housewarming gifts, that I truly needed. My recent move, was urgent, abrupt, & unexpected. I was notified in an undesirable way that caused me much worry & stress. I did not have the time to mail “thank you” notes to the wonderful people who stepped up & into my life to lend me a hand & needed support. Mostly due to an unexpected rib injury that occurred during my move, followed by a crippling illness that bestowed upon me a 103 fever. I’m am forever grateful to those of you who helped me when I was sick, and helped me set up parts of new home when I was unable to lift anything. What a mess this has been! True friendship was displayed to me from areas I wasn’t even expecting. And what an eye opening beautiful gift. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you who stepped up for me. You know who you are, from all around the world. What blessings my eyes now see. I’m here, steady & strong to return the support & love. Call on me! My head’s not above water yet, but all of you dear ones have inspired me to get me little feet paddling in that deep water I’m in!
Thank you with love- Jewell Marceau

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“Eyes Wide Shut” exclusive BDSM Multi-Mistress Party

Coming Friday Jan. 19th starting at 9pm-1am in the beautiful dungeon space Ivy Manor located in L.A.’s downtown district you will find all your kinkiest desires available to be made a reality! Buy your tickets now here:
Space for attendees does become limited. Don’t miss out on this experience of your lifetime! Gorgeous, clean play space, top end BDSM furniture and equipment, and the sexiest, safest, most well known Dominas in the industry all in one place. Your fantasy is waiting…..

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Christmas 2017

I wasn’t sure what my plans would be for Christmas this year. Being single and not close to family, the holidays can be a difficult time. Any holiday or event that requires that “family” must come together and “fellowship” and “make merry” makes me very uncomfortable. It has always bothered me that they don’t create advertisements or commercials at Christmas depicting people without families, or husbands, or wives, or pets, or even friends nearby. And so many hard workers out there have no choice but to go to their job. And I’ll never understand why Thanksgiving is right before Xmas? That is just too much family exposure, too much eating, spending, people pleasing….I think they should move Thanksgiving to summer time. A six month break in between holidays just makes sense! To my wallet and my sanity! I decided to go to Disney Land & California Adventure on a hopper pass. We arrived at 8am and, believe it or not, we closed the park down leaving at an exhausted 12:30am!! They do say it’s the happiest place on earth! Does it look like I’m having fun? I even bought my first pair of “ears!”





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