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Welcome to my new Official Website!

The new site offers all the high quality Fetish & BDSM content you love, with faster access and easier navigation!

I have created 3 main categories for you to browse & find your favorite types of downloadable clips: Bondage, Fetish, & FemDom.

I will still offer my library of DVD’s available for purchase as a hard copy shipped to your address for your private collections.

You will also find sections on the site that allows you fill out your own form to:

– Purchase Custom Video & Photo orders

– Book an appointment for a ProDom session

– Book an appointment for a Wrestling session

– Book an appointment for a WebCam session

– Book me for a Shoot – video or photo

– Book me to host or perform at your next event

– Book me to teach at your next event

My site will have brand new photo and video updates for members twice per week and there will also be archive photo and video updates so you don’t miss out on the awesome history of work I have produced over the last 2 decades!

I always enjoy hearing from my fans, fellow kinksters, and industry friends. Please feel free to contact me anytime with inquiries, feedback, or kind words you may like to share via my email address:

I prefer not to exchange communication via social media outlets as it often gets missed. If you would like a reliable, fast response, please email me!

Now let’s have some kinky fun!

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Eyes Wide Shut!

Are you a kinky, submissive male interested in executing your deepest BDSM desires while you still have a chance or the balls?? If so, I’d like to cordially invite you to join me and many more gorgeous female Dominas in Downtown Los Angeles at the infamous Ivy Manor Studios Friday, Nov. 17 2017 at 9pm. You must have a ticket to attend this exclusive BDSM party. You can buy your tickets HERE. These private erotically charged parties are held every other month. You will enjoy meeting a variety of Mistresses from the L.A. area and from out of town. We enjoy many sadistic activities to keep you on edge and we also enjoy relaxing foot worship, as well as appropriate food and beverage service from all slaves. Feel free to bring gifts, beverages, chocolates, flowers, and your wallet! The Ivy Manor Studios often has new latex designs for sale from Demask International Latex (incase you’re in need of a new rubber jock strap!) and all of us ladies appreciate receiving tips as a way to show your sincere appreciation of our expertise and beauty. So, do not hesitate! Buy your tickets now and reveal your deepest desires to us!

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She Gets Spanked!

I had such a fun shoot with @thesmokingmaryjane last week. Mary Jane is one of my favorite fetish models! She has legs for days that will mesmerize you and she is just so much fun! Mary Jane would not give me my favorite shoe back. She thought it would be funny to hide it from me, so I put her over my knee for a good, hard spanking! I love how our photographer @Rob.Bilbao was able to capture the moment with his vintage camera. He really made us look like John Willie models! I am so honored to know such talented people and have the opportunity to work with them in such creative ways!

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Custom Video Shooting!

Had so much fun shooting custom videos with Christine Dupree today! Getting back in the ring with her brought back fond memories! Of revenge! Today I pulverized Christine’s tits until she begged me for mercy! Needless to say, I won the match! Would you like to commission your own custom video project? Please email me directly with your script ideas: I love making your kinky custom fantasies cum true on film!

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Shoot Day!

Today was a scheduled custom video shoot day. I love shooting custom video productions for my fans! Today I shot a sexy french maid in bondage, a sexy business woman sleeping, and eroticnecro content depicted in still photos. I can shoot high quality custom video and custom photo projects for you, tailored to match your kinkiest fantasy.

Please email me directly to order yours today: Let’s have some fun together!

Custom Shoot Day!

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Gifts are love!

I love receiving gifts from my friends, fans, and clients! If you would like to send me a gift or ship me an item you would like to see me where in your video, you may ship items to this address:

Jewell Marceau
827 N. Hollywood Way #135
Burbank, CA 91505

If you would like an idea of items I like, or may need, I have an Amazon Wishlist set up here.

I want to thank a special few individuals who sent me gifts this week! Thank you slave dave for the sexy new heels! Thank you Pascal for the awesome French locks you sent me. How cool! I cannot wait to use them in a shoot! And thank you Larry for the gorgeous sparkling crystal purses! I cannot wait to use them at my next red carpet event! I appreciate the thoughtfulness in the efforts made to send me such lovely items. Thank you for making a girl smile big!

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Inside a Pro Dom Session

I had a great Pro Dom Session today! I love being in my dungeon. Today I was wearing my sexy knee high boots & unitard thong playing a sexy Superheroine Dominatrix! After successfully executing a staged kidnapping, I tied him up tightly in leather straps first, then a tight hogtie in my ropes. I then gagged him, smothered him, and hooded him with dozens of dirty thong panties! Then I made him wear my thong panties, model them for me, then jerk off inside of them. I had so much fun!
Would you like to submit to me? Email me directly to reserve your appointment with me today:

Captain Underpants!

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Competition Food Prep

5am wake! Prepping my healthy power meals for the weekend. All my meals are measured & stored in convenient containers so I can just grab my meals & go conquer my busy day! No excuses not to eat clean at all times! Next stop: GYM: I see sprints, cycling, & weight lifting in my near future!

Competition Food Prep!

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Muscle Beach Classic 2017

I admit, I’m still totally buzzing with excitement from Tuesday’s show. I’m just so pleased. It feels so damn good to work so hard, for so long and win. There’s nothing else in life like this feeling. And at age 42 years old, I gotta say, I amaze myself. I have never been athletic, not even as a kid, and I got myself to this fitness level. This is my second fitness competition. This time I was just as happy and proud, but this time I arrived with experience and knowledge. I could see this translate into my presence on stage and my poses. I posed on point. I knew where my body was going and how it would land. I beamed at every judge’s face and shined. I held my poses still with confidence instead of constantly shifting every few seconds because I was uncertain. I was the same amount of happy, but I held my head and gaze high and still, remembered to elongate my torso, keeping shoulders slightly forward to accentuate my frame; I was present, I was in that moment 110% and I soaked it up and owned it!! These moments of competition are the best moments in my life I have ever created. This is living!! When you push yourself out of your comfort zone, you learn so much about yourself and how you react in this world. Amazing experience! I’m the competitor in the green bikini. The blonde with the big titties beat me out. My body rocked, but it is L.A. It’s hard to beat out a blonde with big, ass beautiful titties, so next time, I’m gonna bring it!! The judges will not have a choice but to give me first place! Ha! #competewithyourself #MuscleBeachClassic2017 #bikinicompetitor #musclebeach #bikini #strongwoman #strongbody #bodybuilding #setgoalsnotlimits #exerciseishealing #killinit #UNSTOPPABLE #JustDoIt

Muscle Beach Classic 2017

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FemDom Clip Available – Blackmailing Housewife Mp4 #2

Your spoiled wife Jewell Marceau has really got you on edge now. She has confiscated your American Express card and proclaimed her slutty plans to leave you alone at home while she goes on a date with a hot stud. She tortures you by describing how she will fuck him, how he will fuck her better than you, and how she will bring him home and force you to watch. She has planned the entire evening out at fancy bars, restaurants, and shopping all on your credit card. She revels in watching you squirm uncomfortably, knowing you have no choice and you have no way to stop her. Watch sexy Jewell strut off with her hot body and your money, as she plans to execute her sluttiest evening ever at your expense!

Category: FEMDOM

Keywords: short skirt, findom, high heels, brunette, big tits, fantasy, slutty wife

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New Clip Available – Wrestle Challenge Mp4

Kristie Etzold challenges Jewell Marceau to a wrestling match. Jewell has been training hard in the gym and is confident she can take down Kristie. Watch these 2 hot ladies hit the mats with all they’ve got and see who wins the match proving she’s the better woman!


Keywords: bathing suit, one piece, camel clutch, hair pulling, punching, struggling, sleeper hold, test of strength

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