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Welcome to my new Official Website!

The new site offers all the high quality Fetish & BDSM content you love, with faster access and easier navigation!

I have created 3 main categories for you to browse & find your favorite types of downloadable clips: Bondage, Fetish, & FemDom.

I will still offer my library of DVD’s available for purchase as a hard copy shipped to your address for your private collections.

You will also find sections on the site that allows you fill out your own form to:

– Purchase Custom Video & Photo orders

– Book an appointment for a ProDom session

– Book an appointment for a Wrestling session

– Book an appointment for a WebCam session

– Book me for a Shoot – video or photo

– Book me to host or perform at your next event

– Book me to teach at your next event

My site will have brand new photo and video updates for members twice per week and there will also be archive photo and video updates so you don’t miss out on the awesome history of work I have produced over the last 2 decades!

I always enjoy hearing from my fans, fellow kinksters, and industry friends. Please feel free to contact me anytime with inquiries, feedback, or kind words you may like to share via my email address:

I prefer not to exchange communication via social media outlets as it often gets missed. If you would like a reliable, fast response, please email me!

Now let’s have some kinky fun!

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Subspace Magazine Cover June 2018

I had the fortunate experience of shooting with @dannystygion at Domcon L.A. 2018! We shot some amazing photos together! My favorite is the latex photo set that we shot in my long sleeve, V-neck leotard by Libidex and my adorable latex peplum made by Baby Love’s Latex. Check out the June 2018 issue of [created by photographer and artist @dannystygion] and learn more about Me personally. There’s a hot, steamy interview included in the spread in which I reveal some of My many facets! 

Please check out Danny Stygion’s work here:

Here are a few sample images from the photo shoot-





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Traveling to Florida!

Appearing in Ft. Lauderdale May 30-June 2, Tampa June 3, 4, 5, Orlando June 6, 7, 8. Meet 1 of your favorite Icons making your fantasies come true since 1996! Wanna see if all the rumours are true? Looking for new play partners! Email Me: Or fill out my application form!


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Eyes Wide Shut Party May 18th

Friends, fans, and fellow kinksters! If you are visiting my blog, and curious about what this party is all about, don’t hesitate! Buy your tickets now HERE and don’t miss out on living your kinkiest BDSM experience! You will encounter L.A.’s elite team of proficient, well seasoned Dominas, all extremely knowledgable in the areas of kink, BDSM, role play, bondage, humiliation, slave training, and how to execute all activities discreetly and safely, with an erotic flavor you’ll never forget! We offer an upscale mingling experience upon entry as well as the finest BDSM equipment, and furniture available for play. We are located at the infamous “Ivy Manor Studios” where a large part of my fetish career began! Come check out the studio where we made your favorite fetish films, you’ve masturbated to over and over! Be apart of the legendary “Eyes Wide Shut Events” and gain historical landmark experiences and future bragging rights to be able to tell the tale: “I went to one of those Eyes Wide Shut Parties a while back and it was unforgettable!” You will meet the gorgeous Dominas listed in our ad below. Tips, gifts of flowers, chocolate, wine, champagne, etc…Are welcome and encouraged. Be prepared to kneel, serve, and get fucking weird guys! 


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Happy Springin’!

I’m excited it’s spring! The sun shines on my face much longer throughout the day. The sunsets seem to grow more beautiful to my eyes. I have a great view of the sun setting behind the palm trees in between the tall mountains from the balcony of my new apartment. I’m still setting up my new apartment in Los Angeles. No longer a London native, I intend to solidify my roots in L.A. for a while. My new living room is still empty believe it or not! It’s been a slow transition leaving Europe and accumulating enough recovery funds to finally live in my own place. I am still saving money for a couch, table, and lighting for my living room so I can eventually have sleep over guests that don’t sleep with Me! Here’s to a new beginning in the season, and a new beginning in life. Starting over is something we are often forced to do throughout the course of a lifetime in order to grow. It can be super uncomfortable, even painful. But I have found it is necessary. Especially if you do not want to be where you are now. Life takes things away from you that you loved, that you worked hard to attain, that you spent emotional energy to build, leaving you broken hearted and empty. We can’t go backwards unfortunately. So here’s to starting all over again. Even in business with a brand new redesigned website! And all while pretending I’m still 26! Spring is birth, growth, and abounding energy from the sun for all of us. Happy Spring! 

Photo Art “Jewell’s Magical Flowers” by talented artist and friend :
Please enjoy viewing more of his work by following the link to his website.

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Celebrating ME!

I’m officially a year older! “Horray” to getting nearer the finish line! I had a great time with my girlfriend on my birthday April 12th. Being a week night, we were not out very late. We had some nice food and I danced with the pretty Brazilian ladies, remembering when I used to be that skinny! I continued to celebrate over the weekend. I enjoyed some very nice dinners and visits with close friends. Thank you to my friends and fans who sent lovely gifts and flowers. I love them all! I had a wonderful birthday and turning a year older was quite painless so far. That’s right! No birthday spankings. I’m too old…..Or is it now called “legendary” ….? 😉 Here are some pictures and video I’d like to share with you of me turning 43!





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It’s Friday!

Hey ya’ll its’ finally Friday and the weekend is here! What are your fancy plans this weekend? I am planning to do more cooking for the people that I love, hike a mountain, and keep setting up my new apartment. I’m still throwing out the old and making room for “new”. New furniture that is! Hope I can afford some soon. Now, I am sitting at my desk here in my office, finishing my update and editing sexy pictures and videos for you! I hope you will enjoy my selections of kinky photos and videos I enjoy sharing with you! And don’t miss out on my new “members only” sale. I am soooooooo looking forward to my birthday this Thursday on April 12th!!! Yay! Aging is my favorite-


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Celebrate ME! April 12th!

Hey, Hey!! It’s that time of year again. That time of year when I absolutely love getting older!! Long time friends & fans, I’m always grateful for your love, acknowledgement, support, memberships, session time, meeting me at conventions, sending cards, flowers, and gifts. Incase you were wondering what My heart’s desire might be, a link to MY wishlist can be found : HERE I will grow more beautiful smarter, stronger, taller (not really) happier, kinder, bustier (maybe?) and kinkier on APRIL 12th!! Show me how much you guys have loved me since 1996!! Let ME see it!!

And to celebrate Me I want to share some amazing images of Me taken in the last 2 years of Me in My birthday suit! Enjoy!






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Hey guys, girls, friends, long time fans and new ones! If you’re reading this blog and have not noticed the many promotional advertisements for joining my bad ass redesigned site, recreated especially for your kinky desires and navigational ease, well….let me inform you right now!

When you become a 3 month member of my website you will get 1 free DVD that you may choose from over a 156 titles! When you become a 6 month member of my website you can choose any 2 DVD titles that you want! Here is a link to the list of my current available DVD titles HERE.

I still carry many DVD titles in “store cases” and I am happy to ship these out to you personally! If you would like your DVD autographed by me, please email me here:

You may be a collector who prefers to keep his/her DVD covers intact and without signatures and I can also appreciate that too! If you are new to BDSM, bondage, and the skill of tying rope safely, I highly encourage you to check out my 2 instructional DVD’s: “How to Tie Your Female Partner” and “How to Tie Your Male Partner”


In each of these videos, I talk in depth about how to use rope as a sensual restraint safely. I also give tips on communication, eye contact, body awareness by both the “top” and the “bottom”, foreplay, sensation play, bondage positions that can eventually lead to hot sex or sadistic denial! I also give very important tips and information about safety which everyone should be extremely aware of.

I have other kinky, fetish, BDSM, FEMDOM styled video productions available for you to enjoy as well.

Here are a few more examples here: 

Please keep in mind, all 156 DVD titles in my inventory are not all delivered in “store case” fashion.

The DVD’s shown in this blog are available in store cases, with or without an autograph. You are welcome to choose any movie title of your choice from my DVD library that may include your favorite obscure fetish genres. Please understand, some specific, obscure fetish genres were not available for me to replicate due to general regulations. You may request any of them through me directly with purchase of a membership. Also please keep in mind that the more “specific” and “highly detailed” fetish genre movies you request, may not arrive in a store case. They may instead arrive in a jewel case depending on the title you choose. The very important point is: the FULL, ENTIRE edited, chaptered movie will be delivered to you just like all the rest, but it may lack an official “store case.” The best part is anything you choose whether in a “store case” or “jewel case” it’s FREE! Just for YOU! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly:

Enjoy the “Spring into Jewell” sale now! While it lasts! 

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Stay Silky

I’ve really struggled with addiction My entire life. As you mature, you begin to notice your addiction showing up in different forms. I’m not sure if I have shared with you My secret, insane, uncontrollable addiction to expensive tights, nylons, stockings, and all hosiery in general, but it’s REAL! One day in the future, I will revisit this addiction, and we’ll see if I have achieved any recovery?? Hahaha! I will dump and spread out My multiple drawers of nylons of the floor and immerse My voluptuous body in a sea of the most expensive hosiery (My addiction can afford) and take photos to share with you. Clear evidence that I may need to consult a “Hosiery Advisor” in the area of hopeless addiction! I even LOVE to sleep in My hosiery! What a sexy, erotic feeling to have all night long. Even when your legs accidentally rub together, it’s like a free wet dream! Ummmmmmm! Fuck yeah….Now I’m turned on- I think it’s time to undress Myself and slip into a pair of silkies while I ease into the beginning of Our/our weekend together…..mmmmmmmm

Here are a few sexy pix of Me making wet spots in My very favorite hosiery manufacturers such as: Wolford, La Pearla, and Agent Provocateur 

Feel free to spoil Me! ATTENTION: My birthday is near……!!! (April 12th!)


A special thanks to Andrew C. and Nico Rice for indulging Me in My secret irresistible temptations in hosiery! I love, love, LOVE you guys!

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Join Me at the Eyes Wide Shut Party on March 23rd

Guys, this party is FUN! It is perfect for beginners and well seasoned players. If you have been fantasizing about what it would be like to really experience your BDSM fantasies, this party is your destination! If you have always wanted to meet Me in person, hear My voice, smell My perfume, look into My sexy eyes, glimpse My voluptuous body, feel My touch, lick My boots, worship My perfect feet, submit to My discipline, or even experience a stroke from My sizable strap-on, this is the place to do it!

The party starts at 9pm and ends promptly at 1am. We are located at the luxurious Ivy Manor Studios, where a large part of My fetish career started. Cum see where it all began with the legendary Mistress Isabella Sinclair and Myself when We created the ever well-known and internationally popular “Ivy Manor” series of movies. You will have access to many gorgeous experienced Dominas at the party as well. Mistresses who will also be attending our next party are:

Mistress Eden Winter
Mistress Aiden Starr
Mistress An Li
Mistress Athena Fatale
Mistress Sheri Darling
Mistress Bella Bathory
Mistress Bettie Bondage
Domina Helena
Mistress Layla


For more information about the exclusive “Eyes Wide Shut Multi Mistress Party” please read the ads attached to this blog. You will find images of the ladies I have listed above, sample images of the decadent play space where We play, and more ticket info. You are encouraged to bring gifts such as wine, champagne, flowers, chocolates, snacks, etc. If you have a mind blowing experience with one of the Dominas at the party, tipping is encouraged, but not required. Please arrive clean, showered, no later than 11pm, and ready to play! Please bring a positive attitude and please do not brings drugs or illegal substances. Please find parking on the street. 

See you there!


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