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I feel very privileged to have lived half my life in Southern California. I was actually born on the east coast. I lived the other half of my life in Virginia Beach, VA. It is not the same. NO COMPARISON! While I have always lived near an ocean, nothing compares to the breath taking natural beauty SoCal has to offer. Going back home for a visit, interests me the least! Since 2015, I have really stepped up my fitness goals and weekly adventures. SoCal lends itself to health and fitness in so many ways, I have finally reached the time in my life where I am seriously taking advantage of it! I bought a home in the high desert of California and I lived there for 5 years. It snows up there! I never learned to snow ski unfortunately. I really do not enjoy being cold. I have always enjoyed hiking though. I have now built a foundation of muscle that will allow me to go even further with my hiking goals. I’m climbing larger mountains, hiking for longer durations, and I’ve invested in proper hiking shoes for safety. I’ve hiked as much as 10 miles with my aerobics instructor! Check out our times below! The views I get to enjoy once I reach the tippy top summit of a mountain is jaw dropping! Sometimes there is a heavy blanket of fog throughout the mountains. Once I reach the top, I can actually look down onto the fog and see clearly from high stance. Some days are crystal clear blue skies, and some days are cloudy. And whoa….those sunsets will knock your socks off! Sometimes, I see snakes, dear, coyotes, very cute pet dogs, and a lot of friendly people. Sadly today it is raining. I will not get to hike until the ground dries. Hiking helps make my glute and leg muscles look strong and defined. I love it! I also have fun hiking with friends! Here are a few photos I’d like to share with you of some of my recent hiking adventures. Can you find the photo of me and my colleague and friend Anastasia Pierce? I’ll give you a hint? We are hiking the Hollywood sign trail on the way to the “Bat Caves!”