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June 13, 2013

Hello Everyone!! Found an interesting article you might enjoy!!!

People who are into kinky sex may be psychologically healthier than those who are not, says a new study. Researchers found that people who were involved in BDSM ‘ bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism ‘ scored better on certain indicators of mental health than those who did not bring kink into the bedroom, reported LiveScience. The study, which was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in May, surveyed 902 people who practice BDSM and 434 people who prefer so-called ‘vanilla’ (non-kinky) sex. Each person filled out questionnaires regarding their personalities, general well-being, sensitivity to rejection and style of attachment in relationships. The participants were not aware of the purpose of the study.

Despite past assumptions that BDSM proclivities might be correlated with previous abuse, rape or mental disorders (research has shown that they’re not), this survey found that kinky people actually scored better on many indicators of mental health than those who didn’t practice BDSM, reported LiveScience. According to Reuters, BDSM-friendly participants were found to be less neurotic, more open, more aware of and sensitive to rejection, more secure in their relationships and have better overall well-being. Andreas Wismeijer, a psychologist at Nyenrode Business University in the Netherlands and the lead author on the study, told LiveScience that people involved in the BDSM community may have scored better on these surveys because they tend to be more aware of and communicative about their sexual desires, or because they have done some ‘hard psychological work’ to accept and live with sexual needs that are beyond the scope of what is often considered socially acceptable to discuss in the mainstream. This research isn’t necessarily representative of the general population since participants were selected on a volunteer basis, but it does support the argument for removing BDSM from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). In the current DSM, BDSM fetishes are listed as ‘paraphilia,’ which essentially encompasses any ‘unusual’ sexual preferences.

Fetish communities have argued for years that harmless sexual tastes should not be listed next to mental disorders. Perhaps this research will help bolster their case. For more info check out this link:

Jewell Marceau

March 22, 2013

Hello Everyone!

Wow! I have been on a long & interesting journey to start 2013! January was the month for my prepping. Starting Feb. 2nd I began my journey of new learning and self exploration by traveling to Pavones, Costa Rica to train & practice more yoga. My, my what a magical trip! It truly topped my yoga trip to Bali last summer 100 times over! Yep, that’s right! I learned not all yoga people are selfish, over dramatized, self absorbed, mean people! Whew! What a relief! I had a feeling it wasn’t true. I am so glad I did not let my experience in Bali hinder my desire to learn more about yoga. (Although, I am sure there was a lesson for me in all that mess!) In Costa Rica I did yoga each day from a shala on top of a mountain that overlooked the magnificent, blue ocean, I had deliciously yummy vegetarian food, I learned along side classmates who were all the most lovely & kind hearted people ever (I already miss them all!), & I taught my first 90 minute yoga class!! I had the most amazing time! I will definitely go back. I have included a few pictures I took of this magical place. (Continued in the members area!!)

Jewell Marceau

February 23, 2013

Hello Everyone!

I have just returned from my yoga trip to Costa Rica! It was absolutely special and magical! This trip was 10 times better than my yoga trip to Bali! I have included some photos from the beautiful beaches there that I got to enjoy each day from our apartments and yoga studio. I am getting so good at yoga! Did you see the pictures of my cool yoga poses? I have more exciting news! I have just created a new site called the VIP Suite which you can find by clicking on the link. It offers customers a new experience with easy functionality at a great price! Do be sure to check it out! Feel free to contact me with any comments or feed back! I have a new bondage DVD release coming out this month called “Suspended Desires” starring Darling, Jewell Marceau, & Blaze! There are 6 different scenes, all rope suspensions with some great onscreen tying for you to enjoy. This video is available in my DVD Store I am also available for producing custom video productions for you all. Please click here for more info on ordering your very own! I love making your fantasies become reality with your favorite fetish models! Would you like to have a private session with me? I am available for Pro Dom Sessions March 15th-26th and for the whole month of April. For more booking info click here or email me: If you cannot meet me in person, I am also available for online sessions via Skype! Click here for more info. Did you know I will be appearing at the bi-annual Adultcon L.A. March 22nd, 23rd & 24th. I will be meeting and greeting fans, plus selling DVD’s, photos, & signing autographs! Come meet me in person! I will be waiting for you there!

I am excited to announce that I will be performing in Tampa Saturday night March 30th at the Taboo Masquerade Ball. Come see what my 2 stage performances have in store for you! Visit for more info! Side note: I will be leaving town from Feb. 20th-March 3rd and I will have no internet or phone access for the duration. Please feel free to email me, but remember to be patient and I will get back to you ASAP after March 3rd. Just give me a little time to catch up! Be back in a couple of weeks!

Deliciously bound with love,

Jewell Marceau

October 3, 2012

Summer has been exceptionally busy! I have been traveling and working a lot in July, August, and September 2012 and it will continue through October! I traveled to South Florida to shoot a sexy G/G scene for Reality Kings, and then I traveled to Ojai, CA for more yoga studies, and also to Seattle, WA to reunite on camera with I will soon be posting exclusive never seen before (not even on extreme bondage video & photos you won’t want to miss! Check out the sample photos attached (Members only) from out Sept. 25th, 2012 shoot. I have also been shooting and editing custom videos in between trips as well as booking Pro Dom sessions, designing DVD box covers, and web camming. I love keeping myself busy! I am now getting ready for my trip to the Dominican Republic to perform at http:// Click the link to find out more about this kinky event for Mistresses and their slaves Oct. 17th-25th 2012. I am expecting my schedule to slow down in the coming months. I will have open slots to shoot custom videos in November & December of 2012. Send all your custom video requests to: Check out my end of summer SLASHED PRICES on most DVD titles in my online DVD STORE! You can purchase some DVD’s for as low as $4.99!!! Browse my collection and treat yourself to a good deal today! I am excited to offer Pro Domination sessions in the Los Angeles area and to locations included in my travel schedule. When we are not in the same town I

I am also available for live web cam sessions. We can play together in real time with clear sound via Skype a free downloadable program. All you need is a microphone, a web cam, and your favorite lotion or accompaniments!

August 29, 2012

Are you all enjoying the summer? It’s been a busy one! I personally love L.A. in the summer. Most people think it is too hot, but I think it is just right! Just like my hot new DVD release titled, ‘For Your Eyes Only’ starring your truly! This a self-bondage POV extravaganza, so if you would like to see how I would lock myself into a collar, gag, and cuffs for you while I masturbate for you while you watch me on the webcam, be sure to buy this video! Just released Saturday, August 25th, 2012.

This summer I appeared live at Adultcon and Fetish Con, meeting fans, signing autographs, and selling DVD’s. I also traveled to NYC and Virginia Beach. I’m on my way to Reno now, soon to hit no cell or internet reception permanently, whether I like it or not! Then I’m headed to Miami for some shoots and then Seattle to shoot once again for the legendary I have been invited to as a special guest scheduled for Oct. 18th-25th in Dominican Republic. Check out this fun new event that will be tropical and kinky, including food, cocktails, live performances, and plenty of Mistresses looking for new slaves to beat!

There are a few villas left right on the beach! I look forward to seeing you all there!.

July 21, 2012

My trip to New York City was so fabulous. I could not have imagined a better trip to the Big Apple! Having not been to the city in almost a decade, my come back was quite grand! I started of the weekend shooting Damsel in Distress content for My host for the week was Erik VonGutenberg, the best host ever! I shot with Erik V. and Goddess Soma fetishy images that were latex glamorific! So sexy in rubber! But I admittedly had help from the very talented make-up artist Gina Novatchin. I couldn’t look so beautiful without her! I included a cute photo of her and I on the NYC subway…….

June 23, 2012

My experience in Bali

My time in Bali is coming to an end. Each day I can’t help but think of my experience here, how it affected me, how to digest it, how to make the best sense of it that shows the positive, but still upholds the true integrity of my experience. This is the 34th day of my trip here. After having 4 days to rest, I find my thoughts still revolving around frustration, difficulty, exhaustion, and even guilt. There was honestly, absolutely nothing easy about this trip for me personally. I stepped into a 28 day program willing to follow it’s curriculum without faltering. It’s interesting to observe myself and come to the conclusion that I failed on so many counts. What caused me to falter was stress and frustration. For me it was that I did not handle my stress and frustration as securely & strongly as I had hoped. I began the course agreeing to follow a program and within 4 days I had arrived at another place inside myself of feeling totally controlled by this program even though I had chosen it for myself. 4 days later was thinking thoughts of difficulty, exhaustion, not even feeling sure if I could complete the course. I felt overwhelmed by these thoughts and quickly wanting to choose something else for myself like a bag of potato chips! By Sunday, 8 days later I was choosing coffee, eggs florentine, chicken, and wine…..

May 22, 2012

Hello everyone,

Well Summer is upon us and as the sun starts to heat things up so do my plans for the next five weeks, I’m off to Bali to visit and take part in an amazing yoga school. Yoga helps me stay flexible for all that tight bondage, don’t you know. I’m so excited to see fun hot exotic Indonesia. So that means that I will not be available for sessions or custom videos till I get back on June 23 rd.

But don’t be sad as I’m planning a long over due trip to New York City. After so many requests I am taking the time to see my fans and fellow kinksters in the Big Apple. I will be in NYC from July 6th till the 12th. I still have a few openings for pro-dom sessions, photo and video shoots, so if you have been waiting for my long over due return then contact me right away and I will confirm with you as soon as I’m back from Bali.

Email me at to book your interests in seeing me.

Also, I had the most exciting news, Fetish Con 2012 has invited me back to Tampa, Florida as Special Guest of Honor. If you have been you know how wonderful, hot & fun the event is and if you have not been then you really owe it to yourself to enjoy one of the finest fetish events in America. Come and meet me in person. I love my fans and this is a great time to get my latest videos or even book me for a shoot or pro-dom session. The dates this year are August 2 nd through the 5th for more info go to

I have just finished my DVD release called ‘Nylon Secretary Lovers’ staring Jewell Marceau, Anastasia Pierce and Christina Carter. I must say this is one of my best DID bondage videos ever. Amazing, hot scenes with my dear sexy friends and the best bondage models in the business. Go and get it as soon as you see it in my store.

That’s all for now, keeps having naughty fantasies and I will see you all in five weeks.


January 20, 2012

Hello Everyone! I’m so excited that the New Year has started! I have just arrived home to L.A. from London to warmer, sunnier skies. It feels like heaven! It’s good to be home! This year I am planning to travel to Las Vegas, Barcelona, Spain, Bali, New York, Dominican Republic, and London. Keep your eyes on my calendar to keep up with my travel dates and busy schedule. To check to see if I am coming to your area, please take a look here: http://

Later today I will be leaving for Las Vegas for the annual AVN show being held at The Hard Rock hotel this year. Upon my return to Burbank, I’m looking forward to starting new custom projects & DVD releases for my website I will also be available for private cam shows & Pro Dom sessions in the L.A. area until April 4th, 2012. Please email me directly at to inquire about ordering your very own custom video project & booking a Pro Dom session with me.

Also, don’t forget to vote for me at Catfight Fantasy girls here: Help me win by placing your votes on the right hand side of your screen or I will hunt you down for a good beating! Voting ends Feb. 1st!

Wishing us all a Happy & Prosperous New Year!
Jewell Marceaul

July 8, 2011

I’m so excited to have arrived in sunny Los Angeles! I’m back home and ready to enjoy the sizzling, hot summer! My first priority is to prepare myself for the most popular and ever growing fetish event, Fetish Con, held in Tampa, FL annually. I’m proudly returning to Fetish Con as a Guest of Honor for my 10th year in a row! I will be at my booth selling DVD’s at steal of a deal prices, as well as taking photos and signing autographs. I will also be promoting a new kinky line of latex clinical clothing and toys from Dudea Latex of Germany for you to check out. Come meet me in person and join the sexy fun at Fetish Con this year! For more information check out I will also be available for Pro Domination sessions while I’m in Tampa. Please email me at to make your private reservation with me so we can play together!

Take a look at my newest DVD released June 25th titled Girlfriends vol. 5 starring Candle Boxx and yours truly. This seductive and tantalizing title features sensual S&M play with hardcore girl on girl action that will make you wish you were there with us! You can purchase this title now for $29.95. Also, July’s hot new DVD is coming soon! Don’t miss it!

I am available and ready to take all of your custom video orders now! Please email your custom video scripts to me at and I will get back to you right away with ideas, comments, and price quotes. I have access to many delicious triple X models who are all waiting to make your fantasies come true! For more information on scheduling and pricing check out my custom video page.

Be sure to book your Pro Domination sessions with me in Los Angeles July 11th- September 30th. Let’s play together up close and personal! To learn more about booking your erotic sessions. I am available for femme domination sessions only. If you are not able to play with me in person, you can also contact me to set up your very own private session with me via Skype. Tell me your heart’s desire and I will make it happen for you live online from the privacy of your computer! For booking info on Skype sessions, please email me at for all bookings and inquiries.

My next live cam show in the states is scheduled for this Friday, July 8th at 7pm PST. Please come join me and welcome me home in your special kinky ways as I relax and get cozy with you at home! My next cam show this month is scheduled for Friday, July 22nd at 7pm PST and I would love to see you there! To keep up to date on my live cam show schedule and what I’m up to, check out my calendar & Let’s play soon!

My body and whip awaits you,


May 17, 2011

It is hard to believe that the year is almost half over! Where does the time go?? I have been busy working and traveling and it has been very exciting! I celebrated the best birthday I have had in years after arriving in London this April! I felt like a princess as I started my birthday with a treat to afternoon British Tea, then I was swept off to the Royal Opera House to enjoy the ballet Cinderella, after the ballet I enjoyed a delicious dinner at one of the oldest restaurants established in London called ‘Rules’ and it is now one of my favorite places! I have attached some pictures from my wonderful birthday to share with you!

Shortly after my birthday I traveled to Barcelona, Spain for the very first time to attend and host the first time ever Barcelona Fetish Weekend event. I was there as a special guest along with Mistress Absolute, UK’s world famous Dominatrix, and together we entertained the crowd each night with our specialty performances. Our shows included a naughty nurse and plastic surgery patient show, a pussy cat on pussy cat battle for their favorite cat toys and who would weaken first for the catnip infused enema show, and lastly our Plastic Fantastic show in which we both dressed our selves and each other in clear plastic clothes, mac rain jackets, and clear plastic breath play hoods. We teased each other with our clear hoods and played erotically with loads of clear, inflated plastic bags as the crowds watched in awe! It was a lot of fun and Mistress Absolute is a class act! You can find more info about this UK Mistress here: I have also attached photos from our performances and free time in Barcelona so you don’t miss out!

While in Barcelona I got lucky and found myself in a hotel room with a beautiful, hot dominatrix doing very naughty things together! Goddess Soma is a latex slut just like me and she dressed me up in her latex hoods and straight jacket while she pleasured me right next to the beautiful picture window overlooking the morning sky and Barcelona’s breath taking ocean front. It was an orgasm with a view! I have attached a few pictures of our erotic sexual rendezvous that I would like to share. Pretty hot night huh!

Next I traveled back to London to attend Torture Garden’s annual birthday party event. I had loads of fun with Erik Von Gutenberg, Mistress Absolute, and many other friends. I met some new contacts and made some fun pictures and definitely played very naughty on Saturday night! I have attached a few sexy photos from this event as well. It you want to see me play naughty games, you must come to one of these events. Check out the photos and see what you are missing!

Here are some photos from the party and my performance in San Francisco at the Von Gutenberg Fetish Ball. Also, don’t miss out on my next live web cam show Friday, May 20th at 7pm PST straight from London! I will be there waiting to fulfill your requests and to catch up with old and news kinky friends!

Stay tuned for more of what’s new with Jewell! More info on her upcoming video releases and next live public appearances are coming soon!

Privately yours,


December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays to all of my kinky friends! The year is now over and it is time to start anew!

Thanks to all of you who came to support me at my last live web cam show of the year Dec. 18th. It was of course holiday themed, taking place next to my lovely and huge Christmas tree on the chaise lounge next to the lights and presents. I wore my favorite Mrs. Santa outfit and tied myself up in various ways with a nice big, red ballgag, and topped it off with a nice vibe session by the mistletoe!

Most of all I want to wish all of you the best and happiest Christmas and New Years Ever! In January I am planning some special ‘New Year’ treats for my friends and fans, so keep your eyes peeled for my announcement and gift to you! Best Kinky Wishes to you and yours and let’s start the New Year off with some kinky fun! Squeeze Me Tight Santa!

Jewell has been a very good girl! Privately yours,


May 28, 2010

Jewell Marceau presents her latest erotic horror video featuring Gemini and Jewell in 3 devastatingly sexy scenes. First Jewell is waiting for her date to arrive and impatiently dangles her heels and then lounges back to show off her feet and legs when instead a vampire appears to suck her blood dry from her feet, thighs, pussy, breasts, and neck until there is no life left! Next Gemini shows off her gorgeous feet, legs, and ass as well as her new shoes and finds herself to be the vampire’s next victim. She is left naked and all of the most important body parts are bled dry! Last you will find both damsels posed together naked and it seems their assailant has taken both their precious lives and then their womanhood leaving his personal marks behind! You can find this video available for purchase this weekend on my store page. Watch 2 luscious damsels get used and sucked dry by a sexy female vampire!

Please email your custom video scripts to me at! I am always available to shoot your custom video scripts no matter where I am in the world. I love to make your personal fetish fantasies come true! I am the “International Expert of Fantasy Fulfillment” producing your personal fetish desires on DVD and as downloads. Check out my custom video page on my website for more info. On my custom video page you will find a listing a various fetishes I am interested in filming for you as well as a photo gallery of fetish models for you to choose from that are available to appear in your custom videos. I can also hire models of your choice that may not appear on the page. I will do my best to hire the models you desire to fit the roles in your scripts if they are available. There are also sample video clips for you to watch from some of my recent custom video orders as well as comments from satisfied customers giving their seal of approval of quality and attentive customer service. Order yours today!

Please don’t forget to join me this Friday at 7PM PST for my first live web cam show since I returned to the states! I would love for you to join me so we can play together. My live cam shows are for members only. Please join if you are not already a member and let’s have some fun! Also! Keep your eyes peeled for my new calendar newly featured on my website. My Calendar of Kink is for members and non-members to take a look at what I am up to. You can find out what cities I am traveling to, when I have scheduled live chats, what conventions I will be attending, current dates for my virtual sex tour teleconferences, see special occasions, and my favorite holidays! The easy way to keep up with Jewell!

Would you like to have a one on one live chat session with me?? Would you like me to dress up for you or strip down for you right before your very eyes? We can have an online domination session privately just me and you! I would love to make your fetish fantasies come true! Just email me at for all payments and scheduling information or paste the following link in your browser for more details on booking your session with me. Payment can be in the form of Cash, Money Order, or Check (which must clear first!). OR-Come meet me in person! I am now accepting clients for Pro Domination sessions in Los Angeles & London. Contact me at if you’re interested in scheduling a private session. Please describe to me your ideal session. I want to know what your fetishes are! Please paste the following link in your browser for more information on booking your own private session.

Privately yours,


March 13, 2010

March Madness of Big Breasted Cat-Fights

I seem to have countless ‘run ins’ with my very sexy and beautiful girlfriends that always escalate into a full-fledged brawl! Check out my new release ‘Painful Resolutions’ featuring me, Jewell Marceau, Paris Kennedy, Tanya Danielle, Brigette, and introducing newcomer Breastina Boobs in her first fetish video ever. Watch us as we wrestle with each other with all our might, these lovely ladies punch, pull hair, squeeze, maul, facesit, humiliate, choke, clench, kick, and practically demolish each other! With non-stop action me and my babes don’t hold back for a second. Why can’t we just see things eye to eye?

Speaking of eyes, come and see me in person at the Von Guttenberg Fetish Ball this March 11th-13th in San Francisco, CA. If you can’t make it to SF this weekend and want to have a personal experience with me then drop me an email and let’s talk about pro-dom and Skype sessions.

For you devoted catfight lover, if you have always fantasized about the perfect brawls between me and another sexy girl, then why not let me bring it to life and produce your very own custom video. Look and see the models that I regularly work with and let’s make video magic together. Hope to see all of my fans at my many appearances around the world, till next time, tah tah!

Jewell Marceau !

November 20, 2009

Hello from abroad! Well Europe has not been short of exciting parties. My Halloween exertion in Amsterdam proved to be outrageously fun! I (costumed as the sailor full of ‘semen’) was accompanied for the evening by a very sexy taxi driver, a dope smokin’ Boy Scout, and a very neurotic ghost buster. Here are some fun pictures of us partying on Halloween.

October 29, 2009

Rotterdam, Holland

Jewell Marceau, world renowned bondage model for more than the last decade and owner of The Crowned Jewell Productions, will arrive in Rotterdam, Holland Oct. 30th from 4pm to 8pm to sign autographed pictures and DVD’s for her fans of Europe. She will appear at the high end fetish adult shop ‘Subliem’ located at the following address: 466 Nieuwe Binnenweg, 3023 EZ Rotterdam. Jewell is looking forward to having some playtime at the shop and is hoping to have a bondage playmate with her for fun display. She will also be excited and available to promote her company’s extensive line of top quality bondage and fetish DVD’s to fans at low, discounted prices! Jewell says, ‘I am ready to make connections with fans, promote my product, and expand my company’s visibility. Being exposed to foreign markets on a regular basis each year contributes highly to the growth of my future sales and my company’s brand name.’ Jewell Marceau will then proceed to England and Germany this fall and will be available for possible business meetings and photo shoots in Europe through the end of December 2009. Jewell is also looking for new female fetish models in Europe to star in her upcoming DVD releases for 2010. All inquiries should be directed to Or for more location information and shop details of ‘Subliem’, please check out there website: or call: +31 10 104763680. ‘Subliem’ carries the highest quality fetish attire, toys, and gear for men and women. I have no doubt you will find what you are looking for once you walk into the shop and even more that you never dreamed of!

[Jewell Marceau, AVN award winner of 2007, has also been formerly recognized as the ‘#1 Bondage Model’ of 2005. She has been a world renowned bondage model for more than 12 years and a notable fetish video producer for the last 9 years. You can see and learn more about Jewell, her product line, and her company ‘The Crowned Jewell Productions’ at & her blog site]

Contact Info:


October 27, 2009

Hello from across the pond! (Again!) I just arrived in London from Berlin and I am now packing for my next short trip to Holland for my autograph signing at in Rotterdam Oct. 30th. I will also spend Halloween in Amsterdam with my girlfriend dressed as a naughty sailor back from a long tour of duty. They say I am the perfect picture of docked ‘seaman’! Hehehe! My trip to Berlin was very successful. I started my trip with some sight seeing. I have been to Berlin 4 times, but I still have not seen everything. Next I attended the Berlin Fetish Ball. It was held at a very classy lounge and enjoyed the d’cor and the bar! I was escorted by one of my favorite fan boy friends who later became my booth bitch at Venus Fair! Here are some pictures of us there. I also had a drink with Mistress Dante-Posh and then we struck a pose together for the camera. The best part of my evening was taking my slave to the playroom and giving him a good flogging! JOIN MY MEMBER’S SECTION TO READ MORE!!I

October 16, 2009

Hello all my kinky fans!

I will be appearing live in Rotterdam, Holland on Oct. 30th for a public signing of autographs and selling of DVD’s at the supreme sex shop of Holland : “Subliem” You can find me there in my best dressed latex waiting to rope you into my personal fantasy world from 4pm-8pm.

Please come visit me in the rubberized flesh! Come see this one time only event of 2009! Who knows when this will happen again? Come shine my latex or pose with me for your sexiest, most erotic photo ever with the internationally famous fetish and bondage star “Jewell Marceau!”

Yeah that’s me!

For all inquiries, see the information below or email me at

See you there with slippery, wet hugs and kisses!

Jewell Marceau

Nieuwe Binnenweg 466
3023 EZ Rotterdam

September 7, 2009

Greetings my kinky friends from LA! Yes, that’s right I am back in L.A. and home from Fetish Con. I am happy to report I am healing up nicely from my broken foot this summer and I am almost not limping! I will be back in 6 inch heels in no time! I had a fantastic time at Fetish Con last month and I even spent some time in South Florida visiting friends and family after the convention. Here are some pictures from my east coast adventure. See me looking classy posing next to a cool, classic car in front of the hotel at Fetish Con. JOIN MY MEMBER’S SECTION TO READ MORE!!I

August 1, 2009

Hello Everyone! I have great news to share! I am finally walking without my crutches! I can’t walk very fast and I have a bit of a sexy limp, but I am getting around and going places! I still can’t walk in a vampy, seductive pair of 6 inch heels, but I’m hoping that will come soon. I will actually have to wear flat shoes at Fetish Con-Oh the horror! I don’t know how I will manage to feel sexy? I hope I will still meet some of you at the annual Fetish Con Aug. 13th-16th in Tampa, Fl. I will be selling my library of DVD’s at rock bottom prices, as well as taking pictures with fans & signing autographs. And as always the money earned from selling all autographed 8×10’s at my booth will go to my favorite charity! For more information on the annual ultra kinky, fetish friendly event please check here: I am also available for shootings (as long as I don’t have to stand in heels!) during and after the convention. For all inquiries on booking time for shoots, please email me here at JOIN MY MEMBER’S SECTION TO READ MORE!!I

June 11, 2009

Hello all of my kinky friends! I’m sorry I have not written in so long. I have been so busy with moving, and traveling, and birthdays, and work that time had just flown away! I had a most scrumptious birthday, eating the biggest ice cream Sunday ever with my pal Ian Rath. (I was so enthralled with the sundae I forgot to take picture of its delectableness!) Domcon last month was a great event as always. This year I did not have a booth, but I did stop in and make a brief appearance. Here I am at Domcon with one of my favorite dominatrix’s Isabella Sinclaire and here’s another shot of me posing with Gemini, Irene Boss, and her new prot’g’ Nadine. I had to rush off from Domcon to go home and pack for my big European trip for this summer. Within a few days I was on a plane to Holland to meet up with my European distributor Bert Wibo and Hans, owner of a famous Adult Shop in Rotterdam; you can find more details at his website!….JOIN MY MEMBER’S SECTION TO READ MORE!!I

April 11, 2009

Hello all my favorite kinky friends! Spring is finally here and I have boundless energy for creating and sharing new erotic fun! I had a great time at Adultcon last month! I always enjoy meeting new fans and old ones too! Here are some fun pictures of me and my booth neighbor: super sexy Anastasia Pierce having naughty fun at Adultcon!

I will be releasing a brand new, never seen before DVD title this month in April called ‘The Hairdo’ starring bondage model Darby and myself. Keep your eyes peeled for my next pervy fetish story featuring leather clad females, luscious hair worship, and bondage! I hope you all have enjoyed my last DVD released in March titled ‘Jewell & The Two Villains.’ It’s not very often you get to see me over powered by two mean thugs at once! I am also very excited to make myself available to you anytime for a private Skype Session, just you and me all alone’!….JOIN MY MEMBER’S SECTION TO READ MORE!!I

March 14, 2009

Well, this year is already flying by isn’t it? Life has been a little too exciting for me so far, between computer challenges and car challenges, I would really like things to calm down a bit! I do have lot’s of brand new fresh news to share with you all. First! The fun stuff! Check out my fun time pics! Here is my good friend Tom wearing a sexy apron! I told him he can’t work in my kitchen without wearing an apron! Here is a photo of my buddy Ken who keeps saving my computers life over and over again! Here is a lovely picture of me and my girlfriend Steffy from DDI Magazine enjoying the party. !….JOIN MY MEMBER’S SECTION TO READ MORE!!I

January 31, 2009

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to write to you all to let you know I am having major computer problems and I apologize for missing my live cam show last week. I have not posted a reschedule date until my computer problems are resolved. I hope you all will continue to enjoy the website and stick around until my next chat date. Don’t forget to take advantage of the current membership sale of $15.95 going on until Feb. 16th. After this date, the price will go back up to $19.95. The website is currently being updated with 2 brand new video clips per week and brand new photo sets every 5 days. Plus we give you complimentary archive photos and glamour photos of my favorite models each month. I will keep you posted on the next DVD release for 2009 and all the new stuff I have been up to. Also please check out my new streaming theater accompanied with the lowest prices ever!

Thanks for all your ideas, kinky fun, and loyal support! Yours bound tightly,

Jewell Marceau

November 29, 2008

Greetings to all my kinky friends out there!! I am finally home and settled back in the states for a while from an exciting month long trip to Europe. I visited London, Belgium, and Germany this time. This trip was mostly work, work, work, but I did manage to fit in some fun here and there. I even have some pictures to share with you!….JOIN MY MEMBER’S SECTION TO READ MORE!!I

October 22, 2008

Hi Everyone! My trip to India was great! I saw many heavenly places like the Taj Mahal and many beautiful temples. I ate yummy food and I did not get sick once! Here are a few pictures from my trip. Here I am at Chalamir Palace in Hyderbad. Next you can see me next to a rock painting at Golconda Fort in Hyderbad. Check me out in front of the breathtaking Taj Mahal in Agra. And here I am bathing in Holy Water at a Seik temple in Dehli. Imagine that!!

October 2, 2008

Hi everyone! I’m home from India now, just for a few days! It was an amazing trip! And I did not have sex there, but I did eat great food and saw some amazing places…. Including the wonderful Taj Mahal! Now I am off again! Today I leave for England for some shoots, and then I will move on to Belgium for a shoot with Simon Benson, and then I will journey onto Berlin for the annual Venus Fair and some more shoots. I will be sure to do a cam show from abroad. So keep your eyes peeled for the next cam show date! Also, take notice that my DVD sale will finally be coming to a close this Saturday. Make your purchases now! Stick around for our next play date coming soon! Ciao! and Bon Voyage! Love, Jewell

September 6, 2008

Hello to all my favorite kinky friends! Just checking in with you all to keep you updated and informed of my constantly changing ‘whereabouts’ and my latest news and naughty rendezvous’! Fetish Con was fantastic! I had a blast and more sex than ever this year at the ‘Con’. Yeah! I totally scored! Check out some of the sexy fetish icons I got lucky with this weekend! I will let your imagination do the rest! Here is a photo of me with Stacy Burke, Isabella Sinclaire, and Darla Crane. Guess who I have a crush on? Check out this pic of me with 2 of my favorite bad guys Steve Villa and Dominic Wolfe. I never take pics with the naughty boys! These guys are tough, mean, and strong! Yummmm! They can tie me up, manhandle me, and rough me up any day!

July 23, 2008

Yay! I am back at home safe and sound from my European tour. I arrived home a couple of weeks ago pooped and exhausted with a mound of work to do, of course! My trip through Europe was exciting and prosperous! I ended the trip in Amsterdam dancing and partying with no work to do for 2 whole days! It was my first time in Amsterdam-and I forgot to take pictures! Oops! Then after my trip, July 4th happened and I partied my ass off at a pool party and oops! I forgot to take pictures again!

June 18, 2008

Cheers from the lovely old country of England! It has actually been sunny most of my days here so far, believe it or not! I began my European tour May 27th in Munich, Germany and I am only half done with my business trip! I was invited as a special guest at the internationally known event Boundcon in Munich where I joined Mistress Isabella Sinclair, bondage extraordinaire Lew Rubens, fetish model Sabrina Fox and loads of other performers as seen here in some photos attached.

May 20, 2008

Sexy, yummy, steamy, naughty, deliciously, sadistic and explicit bondage sex happened to me! Yes! First of all to warm me up, a beautiful woman convinced me to let her insert ginger into lovely little lily and then of course she shoved it directly into my bum! Man! The things an incredibly beautiful woman can make you buckle down and do! I have to say, I quite liked it in the bum, as usual! Apparently there is a term for this activity.

May 7, 2008

Hello all my fellow kink loving friends! I hope you all had a festive ‘Cinco de Mayo!’ Although it fell on a Monday this year, I still managed to squeeze in some festivity with my one of my favorite domes, Mistress Gemini. We had a powerful workout at the gym. I ran 5 miles for the first time! After our calorie burning session I took her to a cute little Mexican restaurant where we sipped on Margaritas. Yummm!.

April 22, 2008

Well my birthday went off with a bang! With many bangs as a matter of fact! My birthday began with super great sex! That kept me banging all week. I decided to give myself many sharply penetrating birthday presents, including have a nice young man fuck me and push needles through my pussy lips and finally right through my nipples! Just as I was cumming I begged him to shove a needle right through my left nipple and then another needle went straight through the remaining nipple. I was in heaven! Finally I got to experience my nipples and pussy being pierced while orgasming. Here are some photos of my piercing playtime that I want to share with you. Now, if only I were in bondage too! Hmmm’is that asking for way too much? Well it is a birthday present. I should definitely have it my way!

March 29, 2008

Yay! Spring is springing up everywhere! I am so excited the weather is warming up. It’s finally about time for me to pull out those short dresses and skirts and prance about in my favorite high heels. It also means it’s that time of the year for the sweetest bondage babe of all to have a birthday April 12th! I will be spending my birthday weekend in San Diego, CA. appearing at Wrestlecon Convention. You can find more info at I would love to have visitors come see me and wish me a “Happy Birthday” in person!

February 23, 2008

Once upon a time there was a fair lady who just wanted to be tied up really, really tight all the time. So she traveled far west and found oceans and mountains; of rope that is! She also found an endless amount of toys to torture herself with, including needles to pierce her delicate skin.

February 2, 2008

January is over already? Wait a minute’I’m not ready for it to end yet! I still have not opened my Christmas presents & cards yet! Thanks to all of you who joined me for my chat this month. I was only able to fit just one in, to my dismay,. I can normally fit more than that in! I prefer to cum out and play with my favorite boys at least a few times a month, but I must admit it has been very busy around here. If you can hold your grip for just a little bit longer, I will be back in action to fulfill your personal requests during my next live cam show Monday, Feb. 11th at 7pm PST. Please cum be my valentine, and I will be yours!

January 5th, 2008

Happy New Year from London everyone! I hope you all had a very lovely and kinky holiday. My holiday was as kinky as I could possibly make it here in London with my favorite pervy friends. Attached are a few holiday photos of myself in my cute little “Santa” outfit proudly showing off my the results of my naughtiness. Yes I begged and pleaded with “Santa” to beat me, fuck me, and humiliate me, but Santa said I had not been bad enough to make the “naughty list.” Can you imagine?!

December 8th, 2007

Happy Holidays everyone! The time is near to spread good cheer! It is also the perfect time to be nicely naughty! Why can’t we be naughty in a very nice way and still get presents? Well that will be my way! I am having secret fantasies of being restrained and kept in chains and rope the entire Christmas Holiday! I want to be on the naughty list! So please cum join me and see just how naughty I can be during my next live cam show just before Christmas on Monday, Dec. 10th at 7pm PST. It will be my last live cam show for the rest of the year. I will be leaving again for London Dec. 17th for a lovely British Christmas and New Years. Then I will return home in January and head straight to the AVN show in Las Vegas.

November 10th, 2007

Hello to all my kinky friends out there! I have missed you all so much! I have finally returned from my 3 week trip to Europe which was quite grand in every way! I made my first trip to Germany and visited Berlin for the annual Venus Fair and even received a bit of history lesson about the infamous Berlin Wall!

October 21st, 2007

Hello from London to all my wonderful kinky friends! I have been enjoying the fantastic events of the ever popular Rubberball weekend in London. I missed the ball last year, so it was very exciting to be reunited with so many friends I have made around the world who all gather here annually to be the biggest pervs together that we can manage!!! Yes the pervy rubber sluts all back together again! I get naughtier with each attendance! This year I was doing very naughty things in the “dark room” of the Torture Garden party! The next night was the Rubberball in which I dressed in lovely fetish attire, only to strip it off immediately at the after party. I then proceeded to beg to be tied up, begged to beaten, and then begged to be fucked! I’m really convincing when I beg and plead, so I certainly got my way as I giggled through my heavy beating! I have lovely bruised breasts to remind me of all the fun I had! Wow! Does a naughty girl like me deserve this treatment? I hope so!

October 1st, 2007

Oh my goodness! The time is getting so close’’s almost time for me to cross the great pond of the Atlantic and land in London for the annual Rubber Ball and Expo. I am very excited to make this trip! I will be away for 21 days and during my trip I will also travel to Italy for the first time to shop for magnificent leather boots and then I will travel to Berlin for the first time to experience my first Venus Fair and to promote my DVD library! So if you can’t make it to the USA or to London, but you live in Germany, please come see me and come meet me in person! I know I tell you guys how much I love to meet my fans all the time, but it is really true! And I can’t wait to go to Berlin and meet a whole new group of fans who never get to the states or to any other events that I may attend through out each year. Please cum visit me!

September 22th, 2007

Hello to all of my kinky friends out there! Thanks again, to all of you have attended my recent live cam show performances. I really enjoy doing them and I am so happy to meet my fans! I am very lucky to have such wonderful, fetish minded people out there to cum to my website, play with me, and enjoy some orgasms together. I hope you all will cum join me for my next live web cam show scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 25th at 7pm PST. This will be my last cam show for an entire month! I will be departing California for London, and then Italy, and then maybe Paris beginning Oct. 3rd. I will return home in late Oct. and then I will be off again on a plane to Tampa, FL. I will be performing live on stage for the Taboo Masquerade event Saturday night, Oct. 27th . You guys can find out more details about this event and where you can watch my naughtiness up close and meet me in person at the following links: and Please come visit me in Tampa and see all of the amazing shows that night!

August 20th, 2007

Wow! I made it back from Fetish Con in one piece and with all my luggage too! I’d have to say this past Fetish Con was one of my best years yet! I was excited to meet old my fans again and meet new ones as well. I sold many DVD’s, magazines, and 8×10 autographed photos. This made me very happy because my earnings from 8×10 sales were intended to be donated to my 2 favorite charities this year. This is the first time I have tried to raise money for any charity and I successfully raised $365! Well it is not a whopping amount, but it is certainly something that I feel good about and I am happy to share with you! I intend to keep up the donation process through the sales of autographed photos and physically volunteering in my town. I am also happy to share how much I scored at this years Fetish Con!

July 29th, 2007

Hi from New York! I just got done eating the best lasagna in the world tonight at Rachel Paine and Viking’s house! I got so stuffed today in more ways than one! Viking tied me up tight and stuffed my ass with a huge glass butt plug and then tied it in so deep with his beautiful Japanese rope, I swear my eyes were watering! & will be creating some really incredible bondage content for sure this week, so don’t miss these intensely hot future photo & video updates! Rachel Paine gets tied up tomorrow’.

July 27th, 2007

Hi Everybody! Check out the new low prices of my DVD’s. You can find them on my Store Page. These prices are lower than ever and are permanent! These newly reduced prices can be found after you enter my website, click on the “my videos” tab and then click on “Purchase DVDS” to check out my extensive library of bondage and fetish videos starring the hottest fetish models on the net! You can go there right now and view all of the sample photos from any video your heart or your pants may desire!

July 21st, 2007

Hi again! I hope everyone is enjoying the summer! I took a quick dip in my pool this morning before I head out to LA to shoot with model & pro domme Simone Kross for another kinky fetish video! This is my first time working with Simone Kross. I am very excited! I have heard she is one of the best pro domme’s around. On Friday I will be heading back home to the desert to shoot with the lovely fetish model Mz. Berlin…

July 10th, 2007

Did everyone survive the 4th of July holiday? I had a lot of fun starting with the BondageBall in Hollywood and continued the fun with a wet and very naked pool party with my lovely Mistress Gemini. I love hot tubs and bar-b-q’s! I finished off the holiday week with a super tough shoot with one of my favorite bondage producers Dominic Wolfe. He had me roped and duct taped from head to toe! I told him next time we need more duct tape. Much more! I’m getting ready for more shooting on Monday with my favorite cameraman Jon White from GwenMedia and the very talented bondage engineer Blaze. Then for Tuesday’s shoot I will be under the control of Mistress Gemini.

July 1st, 2007

Hello to all of my favorite kinky friends! I believe I have finally recovered from my tragic experience of getting stood up on my very first date for sex and bondage! Now I am ready for summer and the 4th July holiday! I love summer time and the hot weather. It means wearing much less clothing! I love to wear dresses, short skirts, and high heels all summer! Jeans & t-shirts?

June 15th, 2007

Ok everybody, brace yourselves! I have got *the* story of a life time to tell you’.Or at least the story of my life time! This is even better than my birthday story’..You guys are not going to believe this! First of all little of you probably know nor would ever believe that me ‘Jewell Marceau’ moving into my 12th year of being a bondage model has never had sex with a man in bondage. Nope! I have never done it! But I have fantasized about it for so many years as I began to discover that I truly enjoy bondage in my private life. ‘I prefer girls’ is always a saying that will ring true for me, but for a long time I had a boyfriend for almost 5 years who tried to tie me up. Each time he tied me up I would escape. I could just shake my wrist and the ropes would fall off! Or he would only tie my upper body and would not let me teach him about bondage, how to tie me so that I will last longer, and how to apply nipple clamps. His ego was way bigger than his cock, so his masculinity was threatened when I tried to teach him how to do these things, he absolutely refused to be taught by a submissive woman. Fucking lawyers!’.so damn stubborn! So I always kept my real sex and my bondage experiences separate. I have orgasms in bondage a lot, but never with a real penis! Being to orgasm in bondage is one of my favorite things. And I fantasize about being manhandled, pushed around by masculine force that I cannot escape, being to do whatever my male lover wants me to do at each moment and him understanding how to do it.