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Happy Springin’!

I’m excited it’s spring! The sun shines on my face much longer throughout the day. The sunsets seem to grow more beautiful to my eyes. I have a great view of the sun setting behind the palm trees in between the tall mountains from the balcony of my new apartment. I’m still setting up my new apartment in Los Angeles. No longer a London native, I intend to solidify my roots in L.A. for a while. My new living room is still empty believe it or not! It’s been a slow transition leaving Europe and accumulating enough recovery funds to finally live in my own place. I am still saving money for a couch, table, and lighting for my living room so I can eventually have sleep over guests that don’t sleep with Me! Here’s to a new beginning in the season, and a new beginning in life. Starting over is something we are often forced to do throughout the course of a lifetime in order to grow. It can be super uncomfortable, even painful. But I have found it is necessary. Especially if you do not want to be where you are now. Life takes things away from you that you loved, that you worked hard to attain, that you spent emotional energy to build, leaving you broken hearted and empty. We can’t go backwards unfortunately. So here’s to starting all over again. Even in business with a brand new redesigned website! And all while pretending I’m still 26! Spring is birth, growth, and abounding energy from the sun for all of us. Happy Spring! 

Photo Art “Jewell’s Magical Flowers” by talented artist and friend :
Please enjoy viewing more of his work by following the link to his website.