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Gifts are love!

I love receiving gifts from my friends, fans, and clients! If you would like to send me a gift or ship me an item you would like to see me where in your video, you may ship items to this address:

Jewell Marceau
827 N. Hollywood Way #135
Burbank, CA 91505

If you would like an idea of items I like, or may need, I have an Amazon Wishlist set up here.

I want to thank a special few individuals who sent me gifts this week! Thank you slave dave for the sexy new heels! Thank you Pascal for the awesome French locks you sent me. How cool! I cannot wait to use them in a shoot! And thank you Larry for the gorgeous sparkling crystal purses! I cannot wait to use them at my next red carpet event! I appreciate the thoughtfulness in the efforts made to send me such lovely items. Thank you for making a girl smile big!