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Creating memories…..

The best part of my Christmas season has been visiting Chicago! It was ice age cold!! And it snowed! And I loved it! Here is a short time line of photos documenting my journey.

This is the view from my window during my stay. And my first bit of snow!

Ready to hit the night life of Chicago!

Outdoor Christmas Tree! Burrr…..

This is me!! NOT ice skating!! I can balance myself in towering heels but blades?? On ice??? Eeeek! That’s real tricky. I’ll pass!

Here I am at the giant clitoris!! Downtown Chicago! And everyone wanted to touch it?? Pervs!!

This is my view from the 20th floor of the Peninsula Hotel while enjoying a break for lunch at the Peninsula’s Spa. (My second visit!) Chicago has certainly caused my breasts to grow larger!! Ahem….Thank you Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza!

I do love Christmas Trees! I love them BIG! And I love them SPARKLY! Here I am next to the gorgeous Christmas Tree in the lobby, showing off my new, most favorite hosiery! Look closely: “BONDAGE WOLFORDS!” My Fantasy Cum True! Take a look! These legs and hosiery are worth sharing!!

I enjoyed watching the Puccini opera from front and center box seats in a beautiful theater. “Turandot” was the performance I saw by Puccini during my visit. The story was riveting and entirely compelling the whole way through! Turandot is a princess with some kind of attitude!! Boy was she a mean lady! If a man desired to court her, they were required to solve 3 riddles. If they failed, she chopped off their heads! (I think) One determined Prince solved her riddles, fell deeply in love with this incredibly “large,” mean lady, with an extraordinary voice, even though her evil heart prompted her to murder his best friend! And he loved her anyway! Tremendous devotion. Yes I was impressed. I also loved that it was an Italian opera and the entire location of the performance was China. (Or Japan-but I think China) This was one of my very favorite experiences during my stay!

Here I am sitting on “Santa’s” lap at the Peninsula Hotel after having the most spectacular primping day ever! First, I worked out in their awesome gym, next I got my hair cut, colored, and styled, next a 90 minute deep tissue, hot stone massage, then a divine body scrub treatment, then lunch by the pool, then a glorious facial, then a so-so mani-pedi. I really felt like a Princess, although I will definitely choose an alternative location for a mani-pedi. The Peninsula beats the Ritz Carlton by far. I visited them twice!! After a long, luxurious day of spa treatments, I enjoyed a lovely dinner there to end the evening right!

And lastly, here are my “good-bye Chicago” flowers! A lovely, gift of fragrance, beauty, and memories of my most perfect visit to the famous, beautiful windy city of Chicago! I will miss you deep dish pizza! Ain’t none like you in any other city! (I think you have NYC beat!)

I love you Chicago!