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Christmas at Disney Land 2017

I wasn’t sure what my plans would be for Christmas this year. Being single and not close to family, the holidays can be a difficult time. Any holiday or event that requires that “family” must come together and “fellowship” and “make merry” makes me very uncomfortable. It has always bothered me that they don’t create advertisements or commercials at Christmas depicting people without families, or husbands, or wives, or pets, or even friends nearby. And so many hard workers out there have no choice but to go to their job. And I’ll never understand why Thanksgiving is right before Xmas? That is just too much family exposure, too much eating, spending, people pleasing….I think they should move Thanksgiving to summer time. A six month break in between holidays just makes sense! To my wallet and my sanity! I decided to go to Disney Land & California Adventure on a hopper pass. We arrived at 8am and, believe it or not, we closed the park down leaving at an exhausted 12:30am!! They do say it’s the happiest place on earth! Does it look like I’m having fun? I even bought my first pair of “ears!”