December 8, 2017

Chicago Is…..My Kind of Town!

Happy Holidays Chicago! I am so happy to be here for part of the Christmas Season! I landed at Midway airport Wednesday afternoon. I started my trip with an elegant High Tea at the swanky Drake Hotel followed by a lovely dinner and my first snow flurries of the year! So pretty! I love snow and cold weather! (For about 2 weeks ONLY!) Thursday was followed by a 6 hour long day at the spa. I had my first facial! Yes! The kind that doesn’t come exploding out of some invasively swollen penis! It was delightfully perfect! I had a very nice massage as well. It was another first for me! It was the first time I ever had a masseuse fall asleep while massaging me! I was slightly offended, but hoping he had a good time partying it up the night before??? After the spa, I enjoyed the “Nutcracker” ballet. A Christmas classic! It really feels like true Christmas time once you’ve seen the Nutcracker live or recorded. Now I am in the Christmas mood! And boy is my meal plan shot to all HELL, so I high tailed it to the closest gym today to work off some of those delicious calories I am fully enjoying putting in my mouth. And now friends, I must depart as I am going to doll myself up and squeeze myself into my favorite red dress by “Stop Staring” clothing line, a pair of silky Wolfords hosiery, and my sexy black pumps all to enjoy the Italian opera “Puccini” tonight! First an early dinner, next a short history lesson on the opera itself, then I am committed to a 3.5 hour opera! I cannot wait! Bye for now! Here are a few images I’d like to share with you from my arrival here! I’ve been so distracted by beauty in downtown Chicago, I keep forgetting to take photos! There is something to be said for putting your phone down and enjoying the moment. Have a great weekend and enjoy the updates!

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